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Sterling Rides

Sterling Rides is a community at its best…neighbor helping neighbor! Each day, volunteer drivers transport older adults who can no longer drive to destinations within their community that will help the older adult meet their daily living needs. Trips can include:

  • Medical appointments
  • Shopping, including grocery stores and pharmacies
  • Beauty appointments
  • Veterinarian visits
 Sterling Rides provide transportation to older adults who can no longer drive or use public transportation.


Rides available as needed, including weekends


Sterling Rides is for:

A Sterling Ride client is an older adult who can no longer drive themselves and cannot use public transportation. They must also be able to easily transfer into a vehicle and independent.

Due to the physical and specific demands, we cannot accommodate adults in wheelchairs or using oxygen. However, call one of SCI’s Care Advisors for assistance in finding transportation to meet these needs.

Why choose SCI for transportation?

  • Free to the rider (although they are given the opportunity to donate)
  • Friendly assistance from volunteer drivers
  • Arrangements can be made for the driver to remain with the client during their appointment if desired
  • Trips are provided to any destination of choice within our service area
  • Pets can be transported with the owner to veterinarian appointments
  • Priority access to all of the services offered by SCI 


  • An easy way to make a big difference in someone’s life
  • Very flexible schedule – you pick when you can drive, where and how often 
  • Gas stipend provided
  • Our defensive driving training can result in a lower automobile insurance rate

Admission requirements/process

To sign up


Typical day/experience

The volunteer driver will arrive at the pick-up site. The older adult will be assisted into the vehicle if needed and transported to their destination.

If needed, assistance/companionship while at their destination can be arranged.

Need A Ride?                    

There are more people who need a ride than volunteers. Call Lily McCormick, Sterling Rides coordinator, at (912) 236-0363 x143 to discuss your needs and she will do her best to arrange a trip for you.

Due to the shortage of drivers, the number of trips per week may be limited.

Provide a ride?

Volunteer drivers are in demand! When you decide to volunteer, you can set the perimeters of geography and time.

To qualify as a driver, you must have:

  • A valid, current Georgia driver's license
  • Proof of car insurance
  • A clear driving record 
  • A safe vehicle for transporting an older adult

SCI can provide defensive driving training, which can reduce your personal auto insurance. Besides the wonderful feeling drivers get from helping a neighbor, a small gas stipend is also provided to Sterling Ride volunteers.

A motor vehicle check is conducted annually for all volunteer drivers. This is done at no cost to the driver.

Phone Number

Sterling Rides (912) 236-0363 x143


Is there a waiting list?
Yes, there currently is a waiting for the Sterling Rides program. Once an existing client no longer needs the service, a client is taken off he waiting list and added as a new client. More trained drivers mean fewer people on the waiting list. We are always looking for great Sterling Rides volunteer drivers.

What are the requirements to be a Sterling Rides client?
To be a part of the Sterling Rides program, a client must be 55 years or older and have a dire need for transportation services.

How do I know I can trust the person driving me?
SCI conducts background checks for any person volunteering for the Sterling Ride program or any program where a volunteer will be alone with a client. We review the volunteer’s DMV record as well.

Is there a fee for this service?
A donation request is sent to each client at the end of the month. We suggest a two dollar donation per ride.