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Care Navigators

The people to call regarding any assistance or information you need, Care Navigators are trained social workers who meet with older adults (or those who love them) to provide information, SCI services or linkage to any service in their community that will help meet their needs. Our goal is to provide a “one stop shop” for any needs that arise.


8:30am-5pm or by appointment


(912) 236-0363 x149

Care Navigators are for:

Anyone over the age of 55 and those who want to help care for them

Why choose SCI Care Navigators?

  • Trained social workers who specialize in care for older adults

  • Over 55 years of experience with meeting the needs of older adults

  • Staff works with any entity that can meet a need – whether it is SCI or another organization in the community. This ensures that the best answer is provided.

  • Among the assistance available:

    • free electric fans to help battle the summer heat

    • free blankets available for winter months

    • assistance in enrolling in utility discount programs

    • free use of durable medical equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, etc.)

    • senior SNAP consultation

  • Care Navigators will go to the older adult or receive walk-ins at the office

  • Trained in handling suspected cases of elder abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation

Admission requirements/process

There are no admission requirements and this service is offered at no cost.

Typical experience

Upon receiving a request for assistance, a Care Navigator will meet with the older adult, their caregivers or family either at the office or at the location of the older adult

Phone Number:

Care Navigators (912) 236-0363


Is there a fee for Care Navigator services? 
No. Care Navigator services are always free.

I am concerned about a senior who lives in my neighborhood, but I am not related to them. Can I talk to you about my concerns?
Yes, we can help you with understanding services and resources that are available to assist. We can also make a referral to outside organizations if needed. We are devoted to the safety and well-being of seniors. Depending on the nature of the concern, we have been known to physically check on the senior and step in with resources as needed.

What type of connections does SCI have in the community?  
We have connections with many great organizations. Some examples are: Seniors and Law Enforcement Together, The United Way, Memorial University Medical Center, St. Joseph’s / CandlerHospitals, Alzheimer’s Association, Economic Opportunity Authority, Georgia Legal Services, Community Care Services Program, the Area Agency on Aging and Ombudsman Services, just to name a few.

What if Senior Citizens, Inc. cannot help me?  
We will do our best to understand your needs and if we cannot help you directly then we will give you a referral to an outside organization that specializes in your situation.   

Do you sign people up for Medicaid, Medicare, or help with Social Security?  
The Care Navigators do not sign people up for Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security benefits. However, we can help with understanding some of the concepts of these programs, making the best Medicare choices, and referring you to organizations that can assist. Our Aging Life Care program is available for those who need assistance signing up for these programs. There is an additional fee for that service.

I heard I can sign up for utility benefits. What benefits are offered and do I need to meet certain requirements? 

Click here for our utility discount information sheet that includes all details


I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to speak to your associate. She is very professional, thorough and personable. There aren’t many like her in the world of service today.
Mike O.

I would like to say thank you for all of the help that you have given my mother and my siblings in our time of need with the elderly care for my mother. We have struggled so much over the past 1-2 years. What would we do without you? Now I am more confident - because of you and your staff - that we will get her successfully and happily to the sunset of her life. I want them all to be wonderful days for her. And thanks to you. . .they will. You made me feel like you were caring for your own mother.
Sheryl T.

I really feel like the Care Navigators and everyone at SCI is family. God bless all of the Meals on Wheels staff. I have been given strength, and years have been added to my life because of MOWs. The hope and laughter that I get from all of the staff members has truly been a God send to me, and has brightened up my life. I want to thank you just in case no one has ever thanked you for the wonderful services that you provide.
Lois B.  

As a social worker I have worked for many community agencies. In seeking out services for my 83 year old mother who was was functioning independently 5 months earlier before she was debilitated by a brain aneurysm I contacted the Meals on Wheels program for Liberty County. I received a return call very promptly and was pleasantly surprised when there was an opening to accommodate her needs. My mother who is no longer able to prepare her meals finds the Meals on Wheels program a great asset. Thank you so much.
Jean S.

I really enjoy meeting with the Care Navigators because it is great to have someone to talk with. SCI has been such a good help to me and I would not be able to make it without the wonderful Meals On Wheels that I receive. I appreciate receiving a Christmas gift every year, and enjoyed getting my blanket too. I know that everyone at SCI is concerned about me, and that is a good feeling.
Mildred B.

I am very fortunate to the Care Navigators making sure that I receive Meals On Wheels. The meals taste really good, and it has been very helpful to have them. I really appreciate receiving the nice Christmas gift every year, and  I feel blessed to have also received a warm blanket.
Betty T.

The person who delivers the meals is very nice and good to talk to. My Senior Companion, Rosalie W., is very nice and kind, helpful and good to talk to. Very understanding and a beautiful person.
Owen G.

Thank you so very much for being knowledgeable and pleasant. As a senior citizen who is new to Savannah, it is dedicated employees like yourself who make me feel welcome. God bless you, and again, thank you so very much for your follow-up call. Outstanding!
Almeda B.

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