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YELLOW DOT is a free statewide program that tells first responders where to find your important medical information so they can provide care quickly in an emergency. Yellow Dot is for anyone, but is especially important for seniors and those with chronic illness or disabilities. The Yellow Dot kit includes a sticker, a clip, and a pouch in which to keep the information. The Yellow Dot sticker is placed on the front window or entry door of your home and the Yellow Dot packet is placed on the front of your refrigerator with the magnetic clip. A second Yellow Dot kit may also be kept in the glove compartment of your car and the Yellow Dot sticker placed on the rear, driver-side window.

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SCI is the local manager of the Yellow Dot program. We hold frequent enrollment events in Savannah and surrounding areas. To learn more, call (912) 236-0363 or email

Yellow Dot enrollment is free of charge and no pre-registration is required.

Groups of 20 or more can request a group signup; to do so, email

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Yellow Dot is sponsored locally by J.L. Williamson Law Group, LLC.
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