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Adult Day Health testimonials

It’s fantastic! I work part time and Ruth Byck has been wonderful to allow me to go to doctor’s appointments or grocery shopping, and I feel safe that I can run errands and leave him there. B. has been so happy there, it’s obviously going well. I have total trust and peace of mind leaving him. They’re busy there and they’re happy. The staff is wonderful and the director is unbelievably great. B’s favorite part is just being around those people. He smiles and waves at the caregivers when he arrives and when he leaves. B. can’t really do the activities but his favorite things are the piano playing and seated yoga. If I had all the money in the world, I would not change to another daycare program.
- Lorr E.

Our daughter S., who is developmentally disabled as well as medically fragile, had been in a work activities center for thirty-one years. She was no longer eligible to attend that program when she was put on oxygen therapy. After spending several weeks at home with no structured daily activities we could see that she was becoming very depressed. She was referred to the Ruth Byck Adult Day Care Center, was accepted and started attending in late August. We immediately noticed the change in her. She was excited about her new “job” as she refers to it and eagerly awaits the bus each morning. She participates in all the activities and loves the meals! She is not the depressed, withdrawn person she was before she started. The Byck Center has been an answer to our prayers. The program is stimulating, and the staff is extremely caring and competent. We feel very lucky to have a place like this for S., where we know that she is happy and safe. We look forward to her future there.
- Pat and Tommy W.    

I just wanted to take a moment to express our family’s gratitude toward the Ruth Byck Center, and especially our gratitude to the staff. As you know, W. began your program in November of 2011, and we are so ecstatic about her progress. She loves coming every day, she is excited about all the different activities she gets to be a part of, and she never wants to miss a single day. As you know, one of our concerns was the weight she had slowly been gaining due to being so inactive. Well, I am excited to say that since she has been coming to the center, she has lost almost 10 pounds. Your program has been such a blessing to our family, and I could never completely express how much gratitude we have for you and your staff. We hope that she will be able to be a part of your program for many years to come.
- Cheryl S.

Having our mother go to the Ruth Byck Social Center on a regular basis is really a blessing. It not only relieves the monotony of her daily routine, but it allows our sister, her caregiver, an opportunity to regroup. The staff at the Ruth Byck Social Center is so accommodating and attentive. They understand fully how to deal with the elderly and the challenges that Alzheimer’s illness can bring. We are truly grateful for a facility such as this.
- The family of Mary S.

I just wanted to write you a note thanking you. Because of your experience and kindness, you surely took a very stressful situation and made it into a very happy one. . . .Everyone has noticed a big positive change in G. I can’t tell you how impressed I am by the center. How calm everyone usually is and that tone is definitely set by the leader. I know personally that just hearing your voice calms me down. Your experience in the field is invaluable to me. You have made a huge difference to myself, my husband, and my mother-in-law! I really don’t know why there is not an incredibly long waiting list for this program.
- Chris & Arlete B.

Aging Life Care testimonials

I didn’t have time to do the legwork and didn’t know who to contact to help my cousin. (The ALC Professional) was able to get better responses from agencies because she represented an established organization. She saved me a lot of time and kept me from going down dead ends. She took my cousin to the Social Security office and got her disability money. She also talked to doctors on my cousin’s behalf, including her primary care physician and her cardiologist. She compiled medical records from all of the doctors, which was difficult because my cousin didn’t keep any of her records. I would recommend her to others because of her thoughtfulness and thoroughness. She was empathetic but with a high degree of professionalism. She was more than an advocate – she was a friend.
Alan B.

(The ALC Professional) was very helpful with my brother and with my Parkinson’s. Her advice about Buckingham South was the best advice she could have given me. She came with me to visit Buckingham and another one and asked questions I would never have thought of asking. She’s been my security blanket and a big support. She also evaluated my house. She’s been very concerned that I live alone and could fall, so she got me a chair for my bathtub. And she calls just to check up on me. She’s done that faithfully, at least once a week. She’s got a wonderful personality – she’s a go-getter! She brought me cookies at Christmas. She’s got the personality for the job and she has a caring spirit.
Robert S.

Kudos to you – you were so impressive. Who would ever think I’d find you in a magazine at The Landings? You’ve really got everything together and I’m so glad I found you.
Linda D.

I want to thank you for all the wonderful supportive calls to my parents. My mother talks about how helpful you have been. Letting them both know about the help they can receive is huge. Mom will need help after the surgery and Dad will need to know she is taken care of, so he can take care of himself also. I am concerned that he is wearing himself out being such a good husband and if he can relax some through the re-hab and know there will be home health care some after she is home will be a plus all around. You have become an important part of our family support team and we are very happy to have you with us. Thank you again.
Marcia S.

I had my husband in a place but his dementia became worse. I needed to put him somewhere else but I just didn’t know where to go. (The ALC Professional) told me my husband needed assisted living. I didn’t even know what assisted living really was. She had a list of assisted living places that I visited. My favorite was Spanish Oaks but he was put on a waiting list. After a few weeks I went to her again and she made a call to Spanish Oaks and told me to write notes to them every week. The last week of April, he got it. I was just so delighted. She was so calm. You need somebody who lets you rattle on, then says, ‘Here’s what you can do.’ I certainly appreciate what she knew and what she offered to me. I would have just been floundering. She gave me all the information on assisted living and told me about attorneys who would advocate for senior citizens. I am forever grateful to Senior Citizens, Inc. and to her. Especially for her being a helper when you need that kind of help.
Marty B.

(The ALC Professional) came into our lives in the middle of a crisis with our 89-year-old father. At the time, our father had surgery and needed followup care. She arranged all the needed services quickly and cost effectively. All the while communicating with our family, and most of all, with our father. She provided us with so many benefits of  aging life care services with respect to our father. She  communicated efficiently with his health care providers and the family. She gave us insight into elderly health care needs and services. She personally accompanied our father to doctors’ appointments and checked on our father when we were unable to. The most impressive thing about her is that she genuinely cares about her clients. She treated our father with respect and kindness. We are so thankful that she came into our lives and cared for our father, when we were unable to do so. 
the L. family

Care Navigators testimonials

I would like to say thank you for all of the help that you have given my mother and my siblings in our time of need with the elderly care for my mother. We have struggled so much over the past 1-2 years. What would we do without you? Now I am more confident - because of you and your in-home care - that we will get her successfully and happily to the sunset of her life. I want them all to be wonderful days for her. And thanks to you. . .they will. You made me feel like you were caring for your own mother.
Sheryl T.

I really feel like the Care Navigators and everyone at SCI is family. God bless all of the Meals on Wheels staff. I have been given strength, and years have been added to my life because of MOWs. The hope and laughter that I get from all of the staff members has truly been a God send to me, and has brightened up my life. I want to thank you just in case no one has ever thanked you for the wonderful services that you provide.
Lois B.  

As a social worker I have worked for many community agencies. In seeking out services for my 83 year old mother who was was functioning independently 5 months earlier before she was debilitated by a brain aneurysm I contacted the Meals on Wheels program for liberty County. I received a return call very promptly and was pleasantly surprised when there was an opening to accommodate her needs. My mother who is no longer able to prepare her meals finds the Meals on Wheels program a great asset. Thank you so much.
Jean S.

I really enjoy meeting with the Care Navigators because it is great to have someone to talk with. SCI has been such a good help to me and I would not be able to make it without the wonderful Meals On Wheels that I receive. I appreciate receiving a Christmas gift every year, and enjoyed getting my blanket too. I know that everyone at SCI is concerned about me, and that is a good feeling.
Mildred B.

I am very fortunate to the Care Navigators making sure that I receive Meals On Wheels. The meals taste really good, and it has been very helpful to have them. I really appreciate receiving the nice Christmas gift every year, and I feel blessed to have also received a warm blanket.
Betty T.

The person who delivers the meals is very nice and good to talk to. My Senior Companion is very nice and kind, helpful and good to talk to. Very understanding and a beautiful person.
Owen G.

Thank you so very much for being knowledgeable and pleasant. As a senior citizen who is new to Savannah, it is dedicated employees like yourself who make me feel welcome. God bless you, and again, thank you so very much for your follow-up call. Outstanding!
Almeda B.

In-Home Care testimonials

If you only knew just how much we needed you. Just when God had you to "show up." Thanks for saving our lives.
Ora J.

You all have been very good to me the past year. I look forward to another year with you.
Lupe C.

Thank you for the wonderful services provided by S.C. Inc. during my recent convalescence. Nursing, Meals-On-Wheels, Transportation…I will never forget you!
Brian R.

Your bringing Ms. Amanda (CNA) to me on yesterday was just what the doctor ordered! She’s delightful and just a good worker! I just wanted to say thank you.
Dorothy D.

The Learning Center testimonials

Aging at The Learning Center makes all the trouble of growing older worthwhile. The variety of courses and lecture topics amazes me each new quarter, and the gifted teachers seem to spring from an inexhaustable well.
Marty F.

My classes at The Learning Center are the highlight of my week.
Stan M.

The Learning Center has added knowledge to my mind, happiness and friendships to my life. It is a treasure and a truly wonderful experience.
Fran V.

Look forward to Friday so much. Movies and discussion are fascinating. Love the group and instructors.
Margaret M.

The Learning Center is a great way to spend your time in retirement. It's a wonderful way to expand your knowledge in your later years.
Judy D.

I have a new circle of friends at SCI!
Dan P. 

If seniors in Savannah don't take advantage of The Learning Center, they're really missing the boat!
Ardis W.

This is my first year of attending classes. What a wonderful resource. Classes are of the highest quality and so interesting. The instructors I have had are outstanding. Wonderful for knowledge and socialization with our peers!
Cynthia H.

The Learning Center saved my intellectual life and exposed me to many interesting and delightful people, many of whom became friends.
C. M.

My decision to move to Savannah was firmly decided when I discovered The Learning Center.
Karen D.

This is one of the best ways to keep your mind active - the speakers are excellent - and a great source of education for seniors (at a very convenient place.)
Dale C.  

The Learning Center courses are the highlights of my life. I love learning at TLC.
Judy W.

I truly feel that The Learning Center is one of the best advantages - if not THE best advantage - of living here. It is a priceless amenity, good for the intellect, the mind, and the soul.
Karen C.

The Learning Center is new friends, a variety of classes, lectures, special events, travel - take your pick or do it all! Come join us!
Martie T.



Many of our residents have little or no family support, and thanks to generous people like you who make sure they have the special recognition that they need. Thank you so much for helping to make their day. Thank you for not only recognizing our residents for Valentine's Day, but for also letting them know that their community has not forgotten them.
   Rachel G.

I am very satisfied with my Senior Companion. I met her when I was really ill. She has just been dynamic. When I don’t feel good she makes me feel better. When she is with me I have a reason to get up and do things.
   Shirley W.

That’s my buddy. She makes my life easier. When you have someone in your life, in your house that you enjoy being around that is good. Thank you for the Senior Companion Program.
   Annie M.

My Senior Companion is a sweet person. I gave her a key. She is nice and she does everything I ask her to do. Because of her I can remain living in my own home.
   Gloria J.

Thank you so much for my Senior Companion. She is just great. Thank you for your help.
   Charles Y.

My Senior Companion is a big help. Because of her I am less lonely, and I can continue living on my own.
   Oliver B.

Thank you so much. Ms. B. is just great. She is the best. Because of her my needs are taken care of and I can continue to live on my own. She is so helpful. 
  Dale W.