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Senior Companion Program

The Senior Companion Program (SCP) trains active seniors who want to earn extra money and pairs them with a home-bound older adult in need of friendly support or at a nonprofit organization that serves older adults.  


Companions typically work 20-30 hours each week. Companions can work 3, 4, or 5 days Monday through Friday.

Senior Companion Program is for:

Companions must be over the age of 55, physically active, and able to handle the responsibilities of being a Companion.  

Recipients of a Companion are frail older adults who are home-bound or who participate in an approved “volunteer site” such as an adult daytime care center or neighborhood center.

Why choose SCI's Senior Companion Program?

SCI has been the only site designated to administer the Senior Companion Program in this area for more than 40 years.

The Senior Companion Program is a federally-funded Senior Corps program and is part of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

To become a Companion

Eligibility requirements

  • At least 55 years of age

  • Annual income from all sources not to exceed 200% of the federal poverty guidelines


  • Companions receive $2.65/hour of service. This stipend is tax-free and will not interfere with any other government assistance the Companion may be receiving. (There are some income restrictions in order to receive a stipend.)

  • Travel assistance to and from the assignment

  • Meals during the day often provided

  • General liability, volunteer liability, and accident insurance provided

  • Monthly training and recognition events

Typical day/experience

A Companion’s days are always different but with one common thread – being a friend. Senior Companions provide peer-to-peer support at home by visiting, helping with minor chores, and sharing a meal. Or they may spend the day helping someone with Alzheimer’s Disease participate in an activity at an Adult Day Health Center or provide comfort to someone who is in hospice care.

Companions are carefully matched to their clients based on their interests and personality. Our goal is to provide an enriching experience for both the Companion and those they serve.

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Phone Number

Senior Companions (912) 236-0363 x121

Eilieen Pierson

Eileen Pierson

Director, Senior Companion Program
Hometown: New York, New York
Education: Suffolk Community College, SUNY Plattsburgh

The Senior Companion Program is near and dear to my heart. It is a very successful program serving two senior populations. I get to work with an amazing group of seniors who choose to give back to their community by improving the quality of life of seniors in need of assistance. Through the work of all of SCI’s departments I get the satisfaction of being a part of an organization that strives daily to make a difference in people’s lives.


How old do I have to be to become a Senior Companion?
You must be at least 55 years of age, and have an annual income, from all sources, not to exceed 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.

How many hours a week will I work?
The program requires a minimum commitment of 15 hours a week. The maximum number of hours a Companion may serve in a week is 40.

How will I know what to do as a Senior Companion?
The program provides 40 paid hours of orientation, 20 of which will be pre-service training. The training will provide information on project policies and procedures. Pre-service orientation is mandatory for all Senior Companions.

What is the cost to the client receiving the service of a Senior Companion?
There is no cost to receive the service of a Senior Companion.

Client testimonials

She calls me on her day off.  She lets me know she cares.  She offers to run to the store and says I have a coupon for what you need. She is such a valuable person to me.
Willie Mae H.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Senior Companion Program for the excellent qualified assistance to my parents. Your representatives Juliana and Yuri have provided them with irreplaceable support for years.  
Lana B.

I’m doing good because of her. If I need anything from the store she gets it for me. She gets me moving so I don’t need any other therapy. Since she has been with me I am back doing crocheting, crosswords, and I color. I had stopped and wasn’t doing anything. She gets me up and makes sure I eat. She fusses at me. I couldn’t do without her.
Ms. C. 

My mother is currently a senior that you have provided the service of a companion over the last year. ...It has been a joyous experience for all of us. And even if I tell you, you would never even begin to know the degree of help, assistance and relief that your organization has been able to render by being there for people in need. ...My mother lives in Savannah and I am long distance in Atlanta. ...At her age a companion is paramount. It’s the thing that gives her the hope that she will have someone else to share her time with. For me it gives me peace of mind that she is safe sharing her space with someone that can help to keep the depression and loneliness away that often accompanies an older person being alone. 
   Sheryl T.

Many of our residents have little or no family support, and thanks to generous people like you who make sure they have the special recognition that they need. Thank you so much for helping to make their day. Thank you for not only recognizing our residents for Valentine's Day, but for also letting them know that their community has not forgotten them.
   Rachel G.

I am very satisfied with my Senior Companion. I met Lucille when I was really ill. She has just been dynamic. When I don’t feel good she makes me feel better. When she is with me I have a reason to get up and do things.
   Shirley W.

That’s my buddy. She makes my life easier. When you have someone in your life, in your house that you enjoy being around that is good. Thank you for the Senior Companion Program.
   Annie M.

My Senior Companion is a sweet person. I gave her a key. She is nice and she does everything I ask her to do. Because of her I can remain living in my own home.
   Gloria J.

Thank you so much for my Senior Companion. Ms. Brown is just great. Thank you for your help.
   Charles Y.

My Senior Companion is a big help. Because of her I am less lonely, and I can continue living on my own.
   Oliver B.

Thank you so much. Ms. B. is just great. She is the best. Because of her my needs are taken care of and I can continue to live on my own. She is so helpful. 
  Dale W.


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