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Listen to Carol's story about the importance of Meals on Wheels

Here are some ways in which you can support Meals on Wheels:

1.       Call or write the President and Members of Congress. All of your elected officials need to hear your voices and your stories. Resources to help you make calls to the President and members of Congress can be found here.

2.       Stay Active on Social Media. Here are a few sample tweets and Facebook/Instagram posts you can use to support your social media advocacy.

3.      Stay informed and talk with people you know. Read and watch this blog and interview with Meals on Wheels America's President and CEO Ellie Hollander:

Meals On Wheels Is Working For Everyone
Interview with CNN

Learn the  facts  about senior hunger

Learn the facts about senior hunger

Watch these stories from real Meals on Wheels clients and find out how donating just one lunch hour can change a life

When you bring someone a meal, you show that you care. Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver 1 million nutritious meals to seniors every day. Volunteers also provide safety checks and friendly visits - helping seniors to stay healthy and in their own homes.