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SAGE Rightsizing

The Mint Green Tag Sale Company is a full-service estate and tag sale company that manages full estate liquidations from start to finish: pricing, prepping, research, promoting, and staffing. We’re excited to host a sale and see enthusiastic people eager to give antiques and collectibles a new home. We understand that our clients are often going through an emotional time and take pride in being chosen to help. Rest assured that we will make an estate sale as stress-free as possible. Let’s get started with an onsite meeting – remember, our consultations are FREE!


An appointment to visit the home will be made at the convenience of the older adult and his or her family.

SAGE Rightsizing is for

Anyone over the age of 55 years who needs to move or "rightsize" to a home that best fits their needs. Services can also include estate sales.

Why choose SCI for rightsizing?

  • Over 55 years of experience in helping people age successfully
  • We’re not for profit…for seniors.
  • Partnership with Mint Green Tag Sale Company, an experienced organization that is known for its competent, caring and compassionate approach to helping people “rightsize.”
  • A complete array of services provided from determining what to sell to packing and moving options

Admission requirements/process

To learn more about SAGE Rightsizing, call (912) 236-0363 or toll free (866) 579-2116 and ask to speak to a SAGE Advisor or visit their website.

AJ Hetzel

AJ Hetzel

Estate Sale Planner


Cody Hetzel



Cody Hetzel

Estate Sale Planner


How long will my estate sale take?
The length of the sale will vary from 1 to 4 days, based on the quantity of items. The Mint Green Tag Sale Company requires a minimum of 10 days prior to the opening of the sale to take care of all the necessary preparations.

What types of items are appropriate to sell?
With estate sales, anything goes! We sell it all, from antiques and collectibles to kitchenware and general household goods. If in doubt, leave the items in the home for the sale. When evaluating a home for a sale, we look for a good mix of quality furniture and small items.

What is my involvement with the sale?
Our clients have little to no involvement in our sales. We handle the marketing, advertising, research, pricing, staffing, and all aspects of the sale. We are experienced professionals and we are able to work unsupervised, taking care of the details so our clients can relax.

I live in a gated community. Is an estate sale right for me?
We work with many home owners associations of gated communities in the Savannah area. Do not let the gate discourage you! We have held many successful sales in private communities. If you have a concern about your specific community, just ask us.