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irma missed us by a cat's whisker

Petunia with map.JPG

Woweee that was a close one last week! i about coughed up a fur ball when i heard that savannah might get hit by a hurricane even wider than my backside that could shut down all the pet food stores in town. I feel purrty lucky that didn't happen and my food bowl stayed full. 

but i've been hearing stories about some cats and humans who did get hit by that big storm. so as the great humanitarian that i am, i decided to use my blog (wish that didn't rhyme with dog) to tell everybody that they can get meals from SCI. It's really easy. just call them by noon and they will bring a hot, fresh lunch right to your house the next day! they have breakfast and dinner too. it's only $6 ($5 for breakfast), which sounds pretty good to me. 

SCI can also help humans who want some help at home like nursing, housekeeping, and taking a bath (apparently they can't just lick themselves clean - too bad.) the price is low and the people who take care of you are really nice. somtimes i let them pet me and they do it good.

so if you need some help, call the humans at SCI! the phone number is 912.236.0363