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let's share the love (again)

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big news here at Senior Citizens, Inc. (I say "SCI" cause I'm cool that way.) Our Meals on Wheels program is part of the Subaru 2017 Share the Love Event! last year SCI got more than $13,000 from sharing all this love – that's a lot of people food!

so what is "Share the Love"? i'll explain it to you

from now until January 2, if you buy or lease a new Subaru, you can pick one of their charities to get $250! of course i have my paws crossed that you'll pick Meals on Wheels. then each state gets the money from cars that were sold in their state. my state is georgia, the best state.

as part of this hoo-ha, SCI is doing a cool thing called "Stuff the Subaru" on thursday, december 14, at the Kroger on mall blvd. did you see the awesome new Outback that Subaru of America GAVE us FOR FREE? that's a picture of me driving it at the top of the page. well, it's going to be at Kroger and you can come see it and put your people food in it – kind of like a giant cat dish. please bring only food that won't get yucky. you know, like food in cans that you can pop open and stuff that lasts a long time. if you don't want to do that, the humans are always happy to take those green pieces of paper with $ signs on them. 

my SCI people are so glad that Subaru helps Meals on Wheels because ten million seniors in America face the threat of hunger, and millions more live alone in isolation. some of these people DON'T EVEN HAVE A CAT. that's why SCI gives healthy meals, friendly visits and safety checks to the seniors of coastal georgia. that helps them stay in their own homes, where they want to be.

even if you’re not getting for a new vehicle soon, you can still help by:

• sharing my brilliant blog

• sharing our humans' posts about Share the Love on facebook:

(hey, did you know there are a LOT of hilarious cat videos on Facebook??)

ok, i'm getting pretty sleepy and i haven't had a nap since my second afternoon snack, so i'm gonna call it a day. please remember to Share the Love!