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Neighborhood Centers

SCI’s neighborhood centers are lively, neighborhood-focused activity centers for older adults. 

Neighborhood centers are for:

Adults over the age of 55 who are independently active. Usually the participant lives in the community/neighborhood where the center is located.


Port Wentworth Neighborhood Center

103 Turnberry Street
Port Wentworth, GA 31407
(912) 964-5411
Monday – Friday 9am – 2:30pm

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800 Tupelo Trail
Hinesville, GA 31313
(912) 877-0056
Monday – Friday 9am – 2:30pm

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3236 Russell Street
Thunderbolt, GA 31404
(912) 352-4846
Monday – Friday 9am – 2pm

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Why choose SCI neighborhood centers?

  • Caring, specially-trained staff manage the centers and plan activities along with the participants

  • Great tasting, nutritious lunch provided each day

  • Fun, engaging activities each day

  • Socializing with friends

  • Transportation to and from the center is often available

  • Outside speakers and field trips are a regular part of the activities

  • Exercise and a focus on health are a part of each center

  • Priority access to all of the services of SCI as needs change (Care Navigators, home-delivered meals, in-home care, etc.)

  • Participation is usually at no cost, although participants are given the opportunity to donate to the program

  • Centers are monitored by the Georgia Division of Aging to ensure quality and safety

Admission requirements/process

Visitors are always welcome at any of the centers, although we do ask that you call beforehand so a meal can be arranged for you. To enroll in a center, the prospective participant must meet with the Director for more information.

The program is usually provided at no cost to the participant, although participants are given the opportunity to donate to the program. For more information, call the center director or SCI at (912) 236-0363 or toll free (866) 579-2116.

Typical day/experience

The day usually begins with coffee and conversation. Daily activities usually include a speaker on a topic of interest, exercise, games, movies or field trips. This month’s calendar of activities as well as the lunch menu are shown above.  

Phone Numbers

Liberty County Neighborhood Center (912) 877-0056
Thunderbolt Neighborhood Center (912) 352-4846
Port Wentworth Neighborhood Center (912) 964-5411

Angel Bateman


Director, Thunderbolt NeighborhoodCenter
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

My love for seniors is probably due to the close relationship I had with my grandmother. My hope is to continue to learn from our seniors, listen to their concerns, sorrows and joys. I hope to be an inspiration to them as so many have been to me.


Chrislene Nelson-Taylor


Director, Liberty County Mobile Adult Daytime Care
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Education: Central School Of Practical Nursing, Lorain County Vocational School

What an honor to be part of SCI! In my 40-plus years of nursing I have never worked for a greater company. The love and care they give is like no other I have ever seen or been a part of. They are always dependable, having every resourse available for people in need, including their families, right down to their pets. What they give to our seniors is beyond words.

Lara Horn


Director, Port Wentworth Neighborhood Center
Hometown: Rincon, Georgia
Education: Savannah Technical College

I have worked in customer service all my life and that is what I enjoy. Working at SCI gives me the opportunity to make a real difference in someone’s life. I get to interact with my clients and help them maintain a healthy physical and mental lifestyle. I enjoy working at SCI because I can truly say we help our clients age successfully.


Is there a membership fee?
Some of the centers do charge a membership fee; inquire at the center you are interested in for more information

Do I have to sign paperwork to become a member?
Yes, there is some paperwork involved, which usually takes around 30 minutes to complete. We ask that this be completed in person on the first or second visit to the center. 

What are the requirements of the center?
All clients should be independent. The neighborhood centers are for adults who are active and would like more opportunity to socialize and get out of their home without having to depend on friends and family members. If an adult has dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or they are unable to do day-to-day tasks like feeding themselves or getting to the bathroom, they may be better suited for one of our Adult Day Health Centers, where staff are trained to assist as needed. 

Does my income have to be below a certain level to attend?
The Neighborhood Centers are open to all adults 55 and over regardless of their income.

Is transportation available?
Yes, transportation can be arranged with your center director. While we can schedule and intervene on your behalf, we can not guarantee the quality or timeliness of any transportation service.

How do I learn about the available activities?
We supply each client with an activity calendar each month which outlines all of the activities we have each day. We also display the calendar throughout the building.

What time is lunch?
Most of our centers have lunch at 12 noon, but this can vary from center to center. Lunch times are indicated on our monthly calendars.

Do I have to attend every single day?
No, you do not have to attend the center every day. We recommend attending as much as possible so that you can benefit from activities, socializing, and a delicious meal. 

Do I have to be there from the time the center opens to the time it closes?
If you are using the transportation, you will be attending from opening time until closing time, but you can choose the days you attend. This is to help the transportation utilize their time effectively and to ensure that you get the benefits from being at the center for the entire time we are open. If you arrange your own transportation then you do not have to be here at opening time. You are welcome to attend any time you would like during opening hours. We do encourage clients to join as many activities as they can. 

What happens if I am sick?
If you are sick, we merely ask you to inform your center director, especially if a meal and transportation have been ordered for you. One of the best benefits of being a member of the neighborhood center is becoming a part of an extended family. If there is a break in your routine, the other members and director will notice and make an effort to contact you. 


I had a stroke and was depressed. I started coming here 2 days a week, and a few months back I increased that to 4 days a week. I noticed a weight gain of 2-3 sizes and what an improvement it has been, my health, my mood, and the socializing. You feel like eating the great food and especially with family.  Charlotte M.

When I first started attending I did the great exercises offered daily at the Liberty County Neighborhood Center. During recovery from dehydration I was sent to physical therapy, and the therapist said if it hadn’t been for all the exercise I was doing, my recovery would have been very long. And it would have taken even longer to be able to do physical therapy.  Linda C. 

Very happy here, love coming every day. Appreciate all the director does for me, does for us. Food is good, I enjoy everything about the center. We are a family.  Miyoko P.

Lost weight from 216 to 175 since I’ve been attending the Neighborhood Center. I enjoy the meals here and quit eating out. Now I have found that since I eat a nutritious meal at lunch time, I eat a small amount at dinner time. That is how I have lost my weight. I feel good. Dawn W.  


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